The Terms and conditions provided below apply to all orders between company PLS Rafał Borowski with registered office in Rzędziany, Rzędziany 22, 16-080 Tykocin, Polska entered into CEiDG, NIP: 5422971987, REGON: 200726392 and customers in the online store

Prices: All prices include VAT and other components, additionally shipping costs may be added.

Shipping costs: In Poland, the costs of a standard shipment depend on the choice of carrier. We can send one phone mount in a package. Orders with more than one phone mounts will be sent in 2 or more packages. In the case of such orders, it is possible to charge additional costs in the amount depending on the carrier's choice. The final delivery cost can be seen in the order preview after logging in or entering the delivery address.

Delivery rules: The order delivery time is counted from the moment the funds are correctly posted on the seller's account. The duration of the contract consists of: Time of preparation and shipment of the item - the time that the seller needs to prepare the order - up to 3 business days. Delivery time - determined by the carrier when choosing the form of transport. Please remember that the time of delivery of the item by the carrier is usually declared and not guaranteed. In extraordinary periods, such as holidays or difficult road conditions, the delivery time may be longer.

Payments: At the moment we can choose: Pre-payment to a bank account - after placing an order, the buyer will receive an e-mail with data for payment. Fast Internet payments - settlement of transactions by credit card and e-transfer are carried out via - funds are immediately credited to our account - it shortens the time of order completion. There is no possibility of payment on delivery.

Bill or invoice? When you place an order on a payment card, you can choose a sales document.

Purchase, installation and use of the product: Before purchasing, familiarize yourself with the special features and limitations of the type of mount that are included in the product description. The buyer assumes full responsibility for the assembly and use of the mountss. All materials posted on the website (films, photos, descriptions) are for informational purposes only and do not constitute assembly instructions for the attachment. Mounting mounts takes a few to several minutes. No specialized tools and qualifications are required. If after reading the materials you do not feel strong enough to do it yourself - ask someone for help. does not provide assembly services for sold products. The buyer should use the mobile phone in the car in accordance with applicable law.

Warranty: All products purchased in the online store are covered by a 24-month warranty. Warranty shipping costs are covered by the buyer. The Seller does not accept Goods sent back in cash on delivery. The Seller does not accept Goods sent back as letters via the Polish Post. Poczta Polska parcels are accepted. The Seller does not accept Goods returned to Inpost parcel machines.

Returns: Return adres: Rzędziany 22, 16-080 Tykocin, Polska. We are asking for thoughtful shopping. According to the law, the Seller is not obliged to accept the return under the withdrawal from the contract in the following situations: the Seller has fully provided the service / delivered the goods with the express consent of the consumer, who was informed before the beginning of the service that he will lose his right to withdraw from the contract. We received a return statement after 14 days from the date of delivery of the item to the Buyer, Purchase of the Buyer was related to his business activity and a VAT invoice was issued.

Complaints: In the case of delivery of a defective product or inconsistent with the order, the Buyer is obliged to report this fact via the contact form within 3 working days of receiving the goods. undertakes to remove the defect or replace the product with a new one within 14 business days counted from the day the goods are returned by the Buyer.

International sales: Additional international sales conditions can be found at: International sales and do not apply to customers in Poland.

Personal data protection: The company approaches the protection of customers' personal data very seriously. Please carefully read the information about the protection of personal data.

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