Adjustable tilt angle: YES

One-hand operation: YES

Mounting the phone vertically: YES

Mounting the phone horizontally: NO


Minimum width: 64mm

Maximum width: 88mm

Maximum height: 130mm*

Maximum thickness: 11mm

Phone cases matters: YES

Additional element for assembly: NO


Possibility to connect external charger: YES

Built-in wireless charger (Qi): YES

Input voltage: 5V 2A

Output voltage: 5V 1.1 A

Efficiency <78%

Remember to connect the charger to a stable power source with the parameters given above. Check where the charging coil is located on your phone. Some phone models have it in a different place than the center of the back cover. Wireless chargers (Qi) are slower than traditional ones connected to the phone's socket. phones charged wirelessly give off heat and this is an individual feature of a particular phone, not a charger.

Standards: Qi, CE, FC, RoHS

Additional accesories in the box:

MicroUSB 100cm cable

Additional information:

* Phones with a height of more than 130mm with charging coils built-in above the center of the back panel may have charging problems due to the placement of the coil outside of the charging area.

Placing the phone in the lower part of the holder automatically squeezes the side arms and adjusts to the width of the phone.

Keep things sensitive to magnetic fields from a distance, such as payment cards, memory cards, magnetic hard drives. Be careful if you hold a pacemaker or other medical device in the body.

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