Holders with Qi chargers - Our power test!

Due to numerous inquiries about our holders with wireless chargers, we decided to prepare a short article on how to squeeze the maximum charging power from our chargers.

Some of you asked us after the purchase if they could do something about the charging time - because in their opinion the battery in the phone is charging too slowly. Please remember that no wireless charger will guarantee you the same performance as the cable connected to the device.

We want to help you enjoy our products 100%, so we checked personally what affects the charging power, I think this article will dispel all your doubts.

How we tested ? Using a laboratory power supply with current flow measurement. It is obvious that the greater the current flow, the greater the charging efficiency.

We tested 5 chargers available on the market, of which we decided to introduce the best 2 to our offer to provide you with a comprehensive solution for placing and charging your phone in the car.


The key element for fast charging is the charger, not the holder! The appropriate current at the input to our holder is able to quickly charge your phone. Only an external charger powered from the cigarette lighter can guarantee trouble-free operation of the holder!

You must forget about connecting our holders to usb ports built into cars. They do not have the power to operate our holder. Despite the fact that the device may seem to work - you will definitely not achieve the proper charging power!

Please look at the measurement results of the flowing current.

In short, the higher the current, the faster the charging!

1 = pomiar uchwyt grawitacyjny, 2 = pomiar uchwyt magnetyczny.

Charger A  1 = 0,33A

Charger B  1= 0,57A

Charger C  1 = 0,32A

Qualcomm charger (without display) 1 = 0,76A  2 = 0,60A

Qualcomm charger (with display) 1 = 0,78A   2 = 0,60A

The conclusion is obvious, the difference between the lowest and the highest measurement is almost 3 times (0.32A and 0.78A)

Below you will find photos of the measurements. It is worth paying attention to:

-We did not perform measurements with a magnetic holder for the first 3 chargers because the current was too weak and charging was not possible.

-Chargers with more than 1 usb port may have different performance depending on the port - in this case we considered the result with the higher value.

-Charging 2 phones from one charger, some of them charged even slower because the entire current was divided into 2





-We tested both versions of our charging holders - Magnetic and Gravity for you.

-Both holders achieve the highest efficiency with Qualcomm chargers connected to the port marked 3.0

-The position of the phone in the gravity holder is fixed and does not affect the charging speed. That's why we offer a charger without a display for this holder.

-The position of the phone in the magnetic holder depends on whether you correctly place the magnetic ring (centrally to the coil in the phone). Therefore, to be 100% sure that everything is in the right place, we recommend a charger with a display and current measurement.

-You have a choice, buying our holders in a set with proven chargers gives you 100% confidence that you will achieve maximum power and short charging time.

-You must understand that with other chargers we cannot guarantee you the best charging results.

-We also tried to remove, put on and change the case on the phone, it has a minimal effect of several percent on the charging current. Remember if the case complies with the recommendations of the holder - its brand or model does not have much influence!

-The phone itself is also an important element, depending on the brand and model, the charging time may vary!

We hope this article was helpful. Greetings from the roundmount.pl team!