The RoundMount idea!

Our goal is to create phone mounts that give the possibility of placing the phone between two round ventilation vents. The whole consists of a mount (element made of durable steel, laser cut and painted with aesthetic black semi-matte paint) and a holder. The above-mentioned elements are permanently fixed to each other creating a safe and stable mount to the cellphone.

The advantage of RoundMount is the ability to place the phone so that it is always within reach, but at the same time does not cover the ventilation vents. Comparing to the suction phone holders it doesn't limit the driver's field of view, it will not detach from the window in the least expected moment. This is a solution for users whose air vents due to the shape does not allow the installation of ordinary holder.

In summary, our products are created for people who value quality as well as a minimalist look. RoundMount fits into the interior of any car with round vents.

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